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Shifting the Focus to Preventative Employee Health – How can Employers Help?


The best corporate wellness programs are programs that shift the focus from reactive health care that only helps employees who are currently experiencing health problems to a more preventative approach to wellness in the workplace. Employee health and wellness programs that have taken this approach are much better for your employees and for your business because they increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, and help employees remain engaged in the work they’re doing for your business.

Why does Preventative Wellness Matter so Much to Employers?

Of course your primary concern before investing in preventative and wellness services for your employees is how it’s going to help you become more profitable. The good news is that it helps you in many more ways than you may realize.

When employees are sick.  They miss work. Or worse, they come to work feeling the bad effects of their poor health – sometimes for months or years at a time – operating at half capacity, missing important details, and reducing productivity all around by making mistakes, putting forth a less than valiant effort, and they put your other employees at risk. Whether it’s being inattentive dangers unto themselves and others, or simply forcing other employees to work harder to pick up their slack, it can place your entire workplace into a state of disarray.

Long-term neglect when it comes to executive health can lead to chronic, even deadly health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and other conditions that cost your organization in missed days of work and higher costs for medications – that’s not even counting the costs of the lost productivity that is nearly impossible to accurately measure.

What Exactly is Preventative Employee Wellness?

Preventative wellness involves much more than annual executive health checkup packages. It goes deeper than yearly executive medical examinations. It focuses on whole body health, fitness, and general wellness as an avenue to avoid these chronic conditions that can be avoided.

  • This means encouraging physical fitness and activities among employees who are beginning to show the first signs of obesity.
  • It includes encouraging fitness and stress management as a solution to prevent heart disease.
  • It involves offering educational series about healthy cooking solutions to help combat conditions like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and many forms of cancer.

Prevention focused corporate wellness in Canada offers corporate fitness programs, executive health screening services, executive medical checkup appointments, and education about health concerns, health conditions, and what employees do to prevent these conditions from becoming major roadblocks to their own good health.

Why is Nutrition so Important for Preventative Health?

Food and nutrition are two of the most critical factors when it comes to preventative medicine. Dietitians can help you educate your employees about creating balance meals, preparing fresh foods, and eating for their continued good health.

Why is this so important?

Green Shield Canada reports that the number of Type 2 Diabetes cases in Canada has doubled since 2000. Those numbers are staggering – especially for a disease that is preventable more often than not. Good nutrition is a key element in preventing this particular disease and the many other health problems that go along with it – poor blood circulation, damage to the eyes, damage to the kidneys, etc.

Just as poor nutrition and fitness habits can be the catalyst that drives this disease forward, preventative education through nutritional education can help drive its prevention. That is why it’s important to include this type of service in your workplace wellbeing programs.