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Green Door West’s Finest Featured Collections

Green Door West’s collections are among the finest in California. Find flower, concentrates, tinctures, topicals, and more when you become a member of this Southern California medical marijuana collective. Review some of the cannabis delivery company’s best collections before browsing.

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Indica Collection

The Green Door West indica collection is ideal for those who use medical marijuana to relax and prefer the mellow, full-body buzz this option provides. Find favorites such as Blue Diesel, Bubba Kush, Granddaddy Purple, Lemon Kush, Key Lime Pie, Master Kush, and Grape Ape.

Chocolate Edible Collection

Green Door West offers an outstanding, varied collection of edibles, including chocolate bar edibles. Browse for dark chocolate and chocolate peanut butter bars, as well as almond chocolate bars and cinnamon chocolate candy. If candy is your favorite way to consume edibles, this cannabis delivery service has what you want.

Cookie Edible Collection

Cookies are another fantastic featured item at Green Door West, and include brownie bite, chocolate chip, and macaroon options. There are also butter cookies to select from, as well as cookies with a lemon/ginger kick.

Hybrid Concentrate Collection

Hybrid concentrates come in injector, cartridge, pen, and live resin options. Find dose pens for “passion” or those that promote sleep and calm feelings. Cartridge possibilities include flavors such as pineapple, crème brulee, spearmint, and Earl Grey. Other favorite concentrate collections include hash, resin, CBD, and squeeze tube.

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Hybrid Pre-Roll Collection

If pre-rolls are your favorite way to purchase marijuana, Green Door West hybrid collection is the answer to your cannabis prayers. Choose from king and queen-sized pre-rolls in varying amounts depending on what you need. Pre-rolls always burn cleanly to avoid the dreaded “canoeing” issue.

Browse these and other fantastic collections today.

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