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Good and Bad Experiences On Steroid Cycles


Steroid cycle? What could this be? This is what bodybuilders take to make their muscles grow in size. Abuse of steroids for those that doesn’t have enough knowledge in using it can cause trouble. So, bodybuilders get a coach for this and to gain a more healthy body they have diets and workout plans for this. Cycle for bodybuilding means that having a workout and diet plan to achieve the right body size and still looks and feels healthy.

First steroid cycle experience can be exciting. For those who trained for a bodybuilding competition they include steroid on their cycle.  There are different steroid cycle suitable for bodybuilders. Some of these are:

  • 10 ml vial of T-400 by Denkall – this costs $400.
  • 500 mg deca – costs $120 per bottle
  • 240 mgs Test Undecanoate, 20 mgs dianabol, 50-100 mgs Proviron
  • Sustanon 250
  • 150 mg tritren
  • Pct 25 mg clomid ed
  • Homebrew 100 mg tren a
  • 200 mg Test c

There are still others but what a bodybuilder should know about steroid cycle is that it is dangerous for the body if abused.

Some experiences of weightlifter, bodybuilders can be sighted here.

  • One body builder said that he was ignorant at first and don’t know about cycles yet. He didn’t even dare consult a doctor for it. He just heard it at other bodybuilders and tried for it. When the syringe has been injected to his skin he could not move the skin around his muscle. The swelling was in the skin and the muscles.
  • Another one said that he’d been training for 5 years but haven’t tried a cycle but wanted to have a bigger body. He said this to one body builder on the gym he is working out then, that guy give him a juice and said to drunk it which he did. At that time he doesn’t have knowlegde of it. And when he drunk it promised to search for it and tried the cycle and gained from it.
  • This one had a great cycle experience, yes, he gained his desirable body and strength but got terrible acne and had insomnia issue.
  • This one also took a while for him to take the cycle because of the ignorance he had. But luckily when his cousin introduced him to it he did his best courage to take it and had a good result.
  • This one has also gained a lot from a cycle but had a hard time during his first experience and had to stop when his daughter was born.
  • This one got his experience when he search the web and chatted with a merchant that spaeks no good english. But he already ordered for the product and after weeks of waiting it arrived and without the knowledge on how to use it injected it on his shoulders. He ordered more for it and it was delivered for another 4 weeks. But before it arrived he noticed an abcess growing in his shoulder butwhen he consulted his doctor he just ignored it until it became so big and red and hot and he got out of a meeting because he felt dizzy already then he was admitted to emergency where they cleaned it. He said to never do it again.

First time experiences on steroid cycle could really go farther especially if one using it have no knowledge on how to do it. So, bodybuilders are adviced to search first before using any of itor consult our professionals at http://steroidsfax.com