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Ear Pinning For Men

What is ear pinning and why is it so popular with the male gender?

This surgery, formally known as otoplasty, is a treatment that reshapes, reduces, or pins back the ears for a more normal and aesthetically pleasing look.

It is very popular with men for two main reasons, one genetic and one sports related. First, even though both girls and both can inherit large, protruding ears from their parents, girls often have a much easier time hiding them with socially acceptable long hair.

Putting a stop to school yard bullies with Otoplasty

It is not always so easy for boys. Their large ears are out there for all to see and tease. And they are often the brunt of playground jokes because of that dominant feature. Years of those kind of jabs can be hard on a young boy, making it harder to gain self-confidence in his appearance and by extension in other areas of his life.

If parents are compassion and have the means to do so, they will often opt to have their boys undergo otoplasty in their young years to avoid all the taunting and name-calling. When this does not happen, some large-eared boys grow into men who are willing to pay the cost themselves to get the “normal” ones they always longed for.

Build your confidence

Otoplasty is especially effective at creating a more pleasing shape that will remove self-consciousness about body parts protruding from the side of the face. Ear pinning can be done to pull them back towards the head by making an incision behind it, removing skin and pulling the remaining skin tight to “pin” them tighter to the head. If they are just too large, otoplasty can also help as the cosmetic surgeon can go in and shave down the cartilage to create a more proportional look.

Cauliflower ears

The other main reason that men turn to ear pinning specialist Sydney, Dr Zurek is to correct the presence of cauliflower shaped ones. This is a condition of permanently damaged and swollen ones, with a resemblance to the cauliflower vegetable. This is most often the result of repeated blows to the auditory organs that come with the territory in many sports. Rugby, wrestling, mixed martial arts and boxing.

When your auditory organ is hit hard, blood clots can sometimes form under the outer skin, blocking blood flow to the cartilage. This causes the cartilage to die off, and tissue swells inside the skin, creating ugly, deformed ones.

This surgery can help in reducing the swelling by helping to drain the clotted blood from your auditory organ. A plastic surgeon will make an incision, drain out the excess fluids, and then reshape it with the use of compression bandages and stitches where needed. Whether men have this surgery to correct genetic deformities or sports-inflicted injuries, the procedure is very safe and quick.

A New You

It only takes about two hours or less to complete, and there are very few serious risks associated with it. Although patients will have to wear bandages around their head for several days, the results will be apparent immediately, a benefit not usually associated with most other cosmetic surgeries. And even better-the results are permanent! With all these benefits, it is no wonder that otoplasty is a big favourite among men these days.