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Obesity- a global issue

Obesity is a medical problem in which a person gains too much weight and become fat. This problem is increasing day by day in all over the world. There are millions of people who are already facing this problem and more people are getting towards it. The increase in obesity has made this problem a global issue. The scientists and doctors are working very hard to come up with solution of this problem. Every day new medicines, diets, fitness tips and products are being introduced for people who are fighting with this problem. Some of these things are working but some are not.

There are many reasons, which can cause this problem in a person. These reasons are related to mental and physical of the person as well as his habits. Here are some of the causes because of which a person can gain weight.

Eating habits

The most common reason of a person for becoming over weight can be his eating habits. There was a time when people were used to cook their foods at home and with natural food products but nowadays it seems impossible. Life is too fast and in this running world, people do not get time to prepare their food so they eat junk food or fast food mostly. These both types of food are the biggest reason of people becoming over weight. The products, which are being used to make junk and fast food, are not just causing obesity but these products are also causing other problems like heart diseases and stomach diseases.

Working habits

If you are working in office field, where there is not much physical activity and your job is just to sit and work, that can also be a reason for you to getting weight. Again, it also depends what type of food you are eating. If you are easting oily food and not doing anything physical after taking lunch, you will not be able to digest the food properly. The oil will increase the fats in the body.


Different people have different mental conditions and they handle things according to their mental strength. Some people can handle any problem with strong attitude but there are people who cannot handle a small problem and they become stressed. When stress some people are in habit of eating too much. Some people eat many calories in the form of chocolates and other such things, which can cause overweight problem.

No matter what cause this problem, it can cause destroy a person’s whole life. People who are fighting with obesity do not have social or professional lives. To overcome this problem, there are many different medicines but some of these medicines can have many side effects. However, some medicines actually work and have proved their efficiency such as Phenq Australia.

These weight loss supplements have many benefits. They increase and improve the metabolism and burn the fats. These pills have ingredients, which can stop the production of new fats in a body. Not just that, these pills have ingredients which can make a person more active and energetic.