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Laser Treatment – Benefits and Side Effects

Acne is a skin affected which erupts because of the stagnation of oil by the skin’s oil glands. While the skin sebum is needed to oil the skin, it sometimes gets confined in clogged oil ducts, giving appearance to pimples.

Laser treatment for acne scars has been shown to be the best accessible treatment to take off permanent acne scars fully. Laser and acute pulsed light is a thorough, meddlesome treatment that offers a lasting result to acne marks. Laser scar treatment uses short pulses of extremely fine laser light, to deeply into the skin’s top layer. The body’s natural healing process sweeps away the damaged stretch out to tissue. It then restores it with new collagen, to disclose the new skin beneath. It is a quick and simple method that can be done in less than 40 minutes, relying on the size of the space to be treated. Four to six treatments, over a period of two months are sufficient to lessen the marks fully. Besides, the skin will look filled up and revitalise with a more even feel and touch. The Laser scar treatment works on many skin types, counting very light-coloured or very dark skin. Laser repair will not just mark the issue of acne scars, but will also make better the look of sun damaged skin.

Kinds of Laser Treatments: A healer or skin analyst will evaluate the marks to decide upon the kind of treatment needed. Laser treatment does not need appeal of local anaesthetic creams or gels. All you require to do is, lie cosily on the bed, while the light is being put on to the affected areas.

Frazel Laser: It is a non-eroded laser which does not destroy any tissue. Instead, it heats the columns of tissue with laser energy. It is the heat energy that boosts new collagen production in the skin.

Carbon Dioxide Lasers: This is a comparatively new laser treatment that gives better outcomes than Frazel laser treatments. The patients must meet up with the particular needs in order to count for the method. Carbon dioxide laser releases short crack of very high-energy laser that terminate the marked tissue, layer by layer. The recuperation from carbon dioxide laser treatment varies from three to ten days relying upon the strength of the treatment.

Fractional Laser Treatment: It is the finest laser treatment for acne scars. In fractional laser treatment, only a small segment of the skin is treated with laser energy while the rest of the skin is left unhurt. This revitalises quick alleviating of the skin tissues and generation of collagen.

The benefits of laser treatment for acne marks are that it works in balance with the structure of the skin tissue. Laser acne marks treatment is surely a safer replacement to ruthless chemical peels, glycolic acid, punch extraction and strong surgical lasers. The prevalence of laser treatment is every one to two weeks.

Like any good thing, this too can have immediate effects that may not always be good. High potency laser treatment can cause burning, which may result in peeling, discharging, lump, cyst and dilated blood vessels. Delicate skin may give rise to an uneven skin tone in the places where the treatment has been done. This can leave the skin spotted and dark. The treated acne scars may have some blood stain and it may take about a week for it to cure.

Now that you know about this choice of separating those unwanted acne scars, we are certain you will give it a thought. If you are thinking about laser treatment for your acne or acne marks, don’t forget to get an advice from JB Cosmetics Surgery in Ottawa with an educated dermatologist and then start in action.