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Hair Transplant



Mostly 60% men and 10% women across the world are suffering from hair loss and is a major concern for many.

Lack of scalp hair, potentially increases the risk of actinic damage, female and male pattern baldness are conditions that are treated electively.

There are examples where because of scalp and follicle harm, natural hair growth becomes difficult and impossible. Advanced technology and innovation used for treatment in hospitals has made the hair restoration conceivable.

For treating baldness for men and women today, hair restoration is the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedure.

How much will it cost you?

The cost of hair transplant is different in every country depends upon their location and the experience of the doctor.

Countries like Dominican Republic, Turkey, Mexico, Sweden, Costa Rica, Greece, Thailand, India, Slovenia, Philippines and USA are the well-known destinations for best hair transplant across the world.

Amongst these countries, India is mostly considered as the economical destination with maximum successful rates when compared to other competitive countries.

There are various options available for the hair transplant in India , there are high end clinics and low end clinics where you can avail the treatment as per the size of your pocket.

Depending upon the level of baldness and quantity, hair restoration fees is charged. Hair transplant surgeries in India by and large cost between Rs 30,000 to Rs 1,00,000 (Depending on the quantity of hair graft required the cost may vary)

The cost of Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) technique is typically lower when compared with Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant strategy.

Regularly in FUT it’s around Rs.20/graft to Rs.40/graft while in FUE it’s around RS 35/graft to RS 75/graft, cost might additionally change upon the experience and productivity of the specialist and the group.


 Benefits of hair transplant in India

  • Affordability: India is well known for the cheap treatment across the world. The treatment done in India fits well the size of your pocket with a successful result.
  • Well experienced surgeons: India has numerous known and experienced doctors who are well efficient and provides treatment.
  • Internationally and nationally Renounced hospitals: many government and private hospitals like forties, Apollo, AIIMS etc are at your service which are well known nationally and internationally.
  • Guaranteed successful rates: most of the hospitals in India are result oriented and provides 100% successful rates.
  • Medical tourism: most of the hospitals in India also provides packages which offers you a transportation, accommodation along with the treatment of the patient.

You would also would to know that on a person scalp 90% of the hair is growing at a time. Every follicle goes through its own life cycle which can be influenced by disease, age and other factors, further this life cycle is divided into three phases:

  • Anagen – it lasts between two to six years and it has an active hair growth
  • Catagen – it lasts between two to three weeks and has a transitional hair growth.
  • Telogen — it lasts for about two to three months and is also called resting phase. At the end of this phase, hair shed’s and a new hair replaces it thus completing the hair growth cycle.

Before I tell you about the various hair transplant techniques available, you would want to know what is the reason of your hair loss?

  1. If you are not getting enough protein, hair growth may shut down after a drop-in protein intake.
  2. It’s in your genes: heredity plays a part in both male and female pattern hair loss.
  3. When you just had a baby: harmony changes after delivery often leads to hair loss.
  4. Illness, surgery or other physical stress can cause temporary hair loss.
  5. An unhealthy hair scalp causes inflammation, that makes it very difficult for hair to grow.
  6. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder, where the immune system attacks hair follicles.
  7. Too much use of chemical via dyeing, styling, and shampooing can harm your mane.


Various hair transplant methods

  1. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

It is a hair restoration technique where the hair of the patient is naturally transplanted in a group of 1 to 4 usually called as follicular units, it also contains sebaceous gland (oil), a small muscle, nerves and fine vellus hair.

In a single session, these small units allow safe transplant of thousands of grafts by the surgeons.

FUT is generally considered as the older procedure which uses a large graft and results in unnatural look but thanks to advanced technologies and equipment’s which has made the hair transplant and the hair growth pattern very natural which is undetectable as hair transplant.

  1. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

In this transplantation technique, each follicular unit is directly removed from the scalp with no tissue or strip being removed.

Hair follicles are removed randomly and as a result the density of the hair is less in the donor area. However, this change is unnoticeable and provides a natural look.

FUE technique can undergo several small sessions of up to 4 to 7 hour and is also time consuming. The main difference between FUT and FUE is that, for smaller cases and transplanting fewer hair follicles FUE is better option where the hair follicle is restored one at a time when compared to FUT method. This is a comparison chat of the FUT and FUE technique which would provide you a detailed difference between both the procedure.

  1. Bio FUE method:

This technique is the combination of FUE+PRP, the advantages and drawbacks are same as the FUE.

Well experience surgeon can deliver successful results by both the methods. Depending upon the area of the baldness and the density of the donor area the final selection can be made between FUT and FUE.

To cover the more complexed and advanced baldness level both FUE and FUT technique can be combined.

  1. Laser Hair Therapy

This technique is a perfect example of advanced technology which uses the laser or the light energy to from a LED device in a specific wavelength below a threshold.

This technique is also called as low –level laser therapy or low – level light therapy.

This is completely safe for skin cold laser technique which do not produces heat and the lasers get absorbed by the target tissue.


Hair transplant is not the only solution for your hair loss. You should also understand that, level 1 baldness does not require any transplantation at all and can be cured by simple medical treatment. Whereas depending on your baldness level you can opt for the FUT or FUE technique.

Usually for lower baldness level FUE is considered and for higher baldness level FUT is suggested.

Why should you opt for FUT method?

  • People having higher areas of baldness and would like it to cover in a single sitting.
  • People do not mind stiches, cuts and longer recovery period.

Why should you opt for FUE method?

  • It is suitable for those who have smaller baldness level.
  • People with active lifestyle and prefer shorter hair style like sportsmen, etc.
  • It is mostly preferred by those who want faster recovery.