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Eye Care

Optometric Solutions in Winnipeg


Our eyes are very important organs of the body and that is why we must always strive to take good care of them if we want to enjoy clear vision for many years to come. However, to achieve this, you need to find professional optometrists who can handle all your eye care needs. Luckily, there are full-service eye clinics that have specialized in providing topnotch eye care services for individuals with many different eye conditions.

Optometric Solutions in Winnipeg

If you are based in Winnipeg, you will get properly staffed and well-equipped optometric clinics that offer a wide range of eye care products and services for people of all ages. For instance, they handle eye examinations, sell eye-wear, such as contact lenses, glasses, as well as sunglasses, and provide professional lab services, as well as vision therapy. A typical Winnipeg eye doctor from these clinics can offer you the best:

  1. Products
  2. a) Glasses: Whether you wear glasses in order to clearly see near or distant objects, or both, these centres have a wide range of lens options to suit your needs. Furthermore, their lenses are designed with a protective scratch coating and usually come in different designs and frame choices to choose from.
  3. b) Sunglasses: These experts are also known to offer functional and fashionable sunglasses that are uniquely designed to protect your eyes from ultra-violet radiation, as well as bright light and glare. Their special lens treatments usually involve the addition of mirrored coatings, polarizing filters or even special tints that reflect bright light, reduce glare, enhance contrast and make it much easier for you to see, even on overcast days.
  4. c) Contact Lens Solutions: These clinics also have topnotch contact lenses that are designed with your health, comfort, convenience and budget in mind. If your condition requires contact lenses, the Winnipeg optometrist will assess your individual needs, as well as your expectations in order to provide you with well-fitting contact lenses that will suit you best without damaging your eyes.
  1. Services

These centres also offer a wide range of professional vision care services that are personalized to suit your unique needs. Some of the services you can get from an experienced Winnipeg eye doctor include:

  1. a) Vision Therapy

These clinics are known to offer very advanced vision assessment and therapy programs. Their treatments are ideal for children, as well as adults that are struggling with certain vision problems that conventional optometry may not effectively address.

  1. b) Eye Disease and Vision Condition Treatment

The experts also employ advance and effective methods to diagnose and treat a wide range of eye diseases and vision conditions that may be posing challenges to your eye sight. For instance, they can effectively address problems such as astigmatism, amblyopia, farsightedness, nearsightedness, crossed eyes, colour deficiency, glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration, among other things.

Other services that are offered by these clinics include solutions for computer-related vision problems, age-related vision problems, children’s vision, as well as refractive surgery. The best thing about these clinics is that they always endeavour to provide prompt and professional eye care solutions using some of the latest technologies in the industry. If you are looking for a highly qualified Winnipeg optometrist to attend to your vision problems, these clinics have you covered.